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Procrastination seems ubiquitous in people these days.  Perhaps it was before too, but I am only here now, and can only account for what I know.  But anyway it seems so universal, such a big part of human nature, yet so un-useful, at least it seems to be so to me, from an evolutionary perspective.  So why do we do it?  What purpose, if any, does it serve?


With all the access to information, new age movements, return to basics, religions, spiritualities and what not, are we as a society any closer to so called enlightenment?  It is probably hard to say for people of my generation, we weren’t around before, but lets think about it for a second.

We always hear various manifestos on how to live, I am sure that we have all had a eureka moment or two, but how much of that actually sticks?  Is there a way to actually make it stick?

I will make the assumption that as humans we are doing something wrong, not that being human is wrong, but that something in this world is not quite right, and its probably our fault.  Should we approach it as a gradual thing, that is should we systematically modify our behavior, or should we wait for some moment of great realization.  Up till now it seems that the process has been gradual, but not much has changed.  What are we waiting for?

Personally I would not be satisfied by living a lifestyle of complacency, of seeing the same people daily, having the sane conversations, but why do I feel the need to feel sympathy, or perhaps look down upon those who live that way?

Let me clarify, I don’t actually look down or anything of the sort.  Sometimes I do wonder why do they live that way…that is why do they stand on the corner all day?   Why are so many content just begging?  Why do some people just hang out in a grocery store all day?  Why do people go to jobs they hate?  Why?

On the other hand who the hell am I to judge?  If people are happy living as they live, shouldn’t they continue?  They say ignorance is bliss, then who is anyone to take it upon themselves to rid people of their bliss?

Like Viktor tsoi says in his song “My Friends”
“I get mad when people tell me that u can’t live the way I am living now. But why, aren’t I  living.  This question, no one can answer.”

“И очень злюсь, когда мне говорят, Что жить вот так, как я сейчас, нельзя.

Но почему?

Ведь я живу.

На это не ответить никому.”

I know this question will seem a little sexist, but bear with me.  This is not that serious a post, at least not like the others, but why can we no longer be persistent and romantic without being thought of as clingy and stalker-like?  In the days of y’or, a girl saying no often meant try harder, you haven’t proven yourself yet.  I have (older) friends for whom such persistence paid off.  What has changed?

How do we choose which issues to care about?

With so many revolutions, pollutions, explosions, deaths and meltdowns happening, how does one choose which issues to care about?

If you become emotionally invested in all of them isn’t it debilitating?

If you just pretend to be concerned isn’t that somehow wrong too?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an authority on issues that delegated what you should care about, something like “Boris Libya is your concern, Roman you deal with Israel, Slava we leave urban sprawl to you and Meher you better do something about the nuclear situation in Japan?



In class today our proffesor was talking about how suburbs were popularized via the 1939 world fair.

So I was thinking, if suburbs were what the people of the past were looking forward to, maybe there is something to them.

Though there are lots of problems that are apparently caused by the suburbs, or rather by the american dream of unending consumption, there are certain aspects of community that seem attractive.  Knowing your neighbors, in theory growing your own food seems like it would be good.

Anyway, my idea was something like this.  A new suburb for creative people, in close proximity to a city, perhaps with a shopping center, where everyone starts off with a generic house, and before they move in have to design and customize it.  Perhaps some base kit of “acsessories” would be available with the purchase of the house.  Very extravagant things would cost extra.

Would you want to try to live in such a place?