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If man hopes and genius creates (Emerson), then how do we become “genius”?


The renaissance (“re-birth”) was so glorious because it went back to the classical period; tried to revive what was before the medieval age. It explored the pre-christian era and the revival of this classical age bounded them forward in arts, literature, intellect, science and the humanities.

Is that what society needs now? To return to our old morals, values and ways to re-explore the good in them with the intent to revive them? Bring back the good to help remove the bad of the future?


What defines propriety? Who gets to decide what is proper? Where? When? If propriety is ever evolving, can anything ever really be proper?

If according to the standard dictionary, proper is something suitable and appropriate, then who sets these standards?

If 200 years ago, taking issues to the battle field was considered the “proper” way to find a solution to a situation, then are wars still considered proper when what we ultimately strive for is democracy?