On another blog of mine I wrote a long paper outlining an idea that in order to begin to ensure a future for ourselves, we have to abolish the notion of safety and comfort. Because, real design, real making, carries within it the idea of taking away someone elses pain; and this is something that design no longer seems to do.

Rethinking the Artificial http://bit.ly/ecFkta (it’s long and dense so I wouldn’t bother, but hey, why not)

I read an article in the NYT today : Newly Homeless in Japan Re-Establish Order Amid Chaos http://nyti.ms/i2GdkC

This article was moving in many ways. In it you will read how people are naturally creating order for themselves, and envisioning services in order to make their stay more meaningful. In order to cure each other of their pain in the aftermath of the disaster that has happened.

Are we really incapable of truly making when we are not in crisis? It seems like the fastest way to save the world is to accelerate its demise. To allow everyone to feel pain, so that everyone can begin to make in order to relieve.

Do we really need crisis and destruction to begin making?