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Apparently we can as exemplified by the article on Good above about a policy in Brazil and Mexico that gives money to the poor as long as they meet certain requirements such as keeping their kids in school and attending classes on nutrition.

I think that this points largely to the idea of using process to to teach. Its kind of like the shift in design from an end goal to using design to improve the process. I believe that a lot of what we need to be doing is using design and policy to not just take the responsibility away from people but use design and policy to guide people, believe in their capacity to change themselves and make responsible decisions.

This goes back to my earlier post about design for smart or stupid users. I believe the policy above is clearly one that believes that the users are smart, and capable of learning.

Does it sound better when framed from a poverty perspective?



Theres a big problem going on right now, and it isn’t the fact that immigrants are taking our jobs, its that immigrants are going to our universities and then taking their knowledge elsewhere because America is too scared that its jobs will be taken.

Many times whats happening, is that these same students are then going off and starting companies in their own countries, while America sits and gripes about unemployment

The first link talks a out the current trend that is a reversal of the immigration we have seen.

The second link is an interesting read in that it poses a potential solution, its not perfect but it is an option.

Is that a good way to proceed?

I myself, am planning on saying good bye to America at some point.

Is this problem inevitable?