I said in my first post that I would leave all the complicated ideas and theory for a later time.

I’m still going to leave the ideas and theories for a later time, but I will briefly say what this is all about.

This blog is a resource, for people who want to do things. I believe we as a society are not doing enough, we are not exploring enough, not imagining enough and not giving ourselves the agency that we could have.

I believe the first step to doing is defining and constructing the problem. Designers are skilled at being able to frame and contextualize problems. The way to do that is to begin to ask questions. These questions will lead to more questions and hopefully at some point someone is inspired enough to imagine something.

Thats the idea, I want to begin to ask better questions. I want to begin to ask more questions.

This is not a blog for information, at least I hope not. It is a blog for dialogue.

This is also a multi-authored blog. Currently there are 4 people contributing.

Hopefully there will be more. Email me if you have questions to ask, for everyone. Roznoshchik@gmail.com


Rostislav Roznoshchik