First of all: Thank You

Although this blog is as much for the people writing it, it is very reassuring to know that other people find our ideas relevant.

It is even more rewarding to have commenters, this blog is after all a space for discussion and not for reading. As designers and social activists we are interested in the space of action, and the action usually comes from asking the right questions, and at times asking the wrong questions. However, as I and many people have discovered, it is only with the help of other people that our own thoughts get constructed. So we really need your input, either by asking questions in response to our questions or by asking your own questions (which you can email me @

Our own individual perspectives are often so limited by our interests, that many times it is the simplest thoughts from other parties that lead to insight and creative force. So please, do participate, for us and for you.

On that note, I ask you guys to subscribe to the blog, there is a link at the bottom of the home page. I feel that will lower the barrier of entry and allow you to jump in on the discussions quickly and effortlessly.

Look forward to your thoughts, ideas and questions (as well as critiques!).

RR hopefully speaking for the other authors on Why Can’t We…. ( BB, MM and RK)